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Transparent retractable roof installed at swimming pool holiday park Eiland van Maurik

Bright Buildings will soon be completing a unique swimming pool facility in the Dutch Betuwe holiday region, ready for the new summer season. Besides the wall, half of the transparent roof of the new swimming pool at the Eiland van Maurik holiday park can slide open, causing the boundary between indoors and outdoors to blur. 

The swimming pool is now under construction. The installation of the transparent retractable roof is almost done. The panels of the gable roof can slide downwards on either side of the ridge and then cover the panels at the gutter. The structure at the Eiland van Maurik is being built partly over an existing children’s water park. The swimming pool next to it is new. Bright Buildings is covering it with a large transparent gable roof. The trusses are made of steel profiles, the wall is of glass and the roof of polycarbonate. The sliding parts can be automatically controlled on the basis of the outdoor conditions, but the swimming pool managers can of course also control them themselves. It will take them only five minutes to open or close the roof.

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 “None of the existing systems met our requirements”

The engineers of Bright Buildings in the Dutch town of Heerlen developed a completely new sliding mechanism in-house. Managing-director Gertjan Grimbergen says that his firm, whose roots lie in greenhouse construction, is ever more often being asked to install sliding walls and roofs. “Sliding elements allow more diverse use of facilities. The boundary between indoors and outdoors is steadily blurring, especially in our specialisation – the light structures that we build for retail and leisure facilities.”





transparante broederij HatchCare Centre

First transparent hatchery presented at well-attended Eurotier 2016

HatchTech and Bright Buildings introduced the ‘HatchCare Centre’, a newly developed transparent hatchery, at the largest international agricultural trade fair Eurotier in Hanover. The HatchCare Centre was shown to the public in the form of a scale model at HatchTech’s stand at this year’s edition of Eurotier, which attracted an impressive total of 163,000 visitors.

The HatchCare Centre is Bright Buildings’ answer to the need for openness in business processes:

  • This new architectural concept is not only a ‘bright building’ incorporating many transparent parts, but also a smart facility with perfect logistic routing and optimum working conditions
  • The many transparent parts make the hatchery very accessible to visitors without them interrupting the business’s process. The natural incidence of light has a positive effect on the wellbeing of both the employees and the animals.

Bright Buildings received its first assignment for the construction of a HatchCare Centre already before the Eurotier fair took place. This autumn we started building our first transparent hatchery in the German town of Nordhorn. The hatchery will be taken into use in 2017.

The concept’s name refers to the HatchCare system that provides light, feed and water for the chicks. The result is a transparent hatchery that can proudly show its core process – producing healthy chicks of top quality – to the rest of the world.


Bedrijfsruimte transparante broederij


open sky retractable roof nominated innovation award

Open Sky retractable roof and Skywall movable walls nominated for Innovation Award both in the Netherlands and in England

The two unique, flexible and transparent structures that have been developed in-house (Open Sky retractable roof and the Skywall movable wall) were nominated for multiple Innovation Awards this month. Out of 16 innovative entries, the jury of the Dutch Pleisureworld Novelty Award selected Bright Buildings as one of the three finalists. One of these three finalists will be announced as the winner of the Pleisureworld Novelty Award during the National Networking Lunch on Monday 14 November.

The trade fair organisation Holiday Park & Resort in England also selected Bright Buildings as one of the finalists for its Innovation Award: “The Innovation Award recognises the product that combines an unprecedented blend of innovation, creativity, and uniqueness to its user”. The winner will be announced at the Holiday Park & Resort trade fair that is taking place in Birmingham on 8 and 9 November.


Dutch pool at holiday park Eiland van Maurik can be both indoors and outdoors

The popularity of swimming pools can be very seasonal, with people wanting to be outside when the weather is hot and sunny, but inside when it’s cold and wet. To combat this, Lennard Kempers from the Dutch holiday park Eiland van Maurik has had a pool built that can be both indoors and outdoors.

The 1,000-sq m (10,800-sq ft) facility has been designed by Bright Buildings, which is also tasked with constructing it. With the exception of an aluminum frame, the building will be entirely transparent, so as to to allow plenty of natural light in.

To bring the outdoors in, the pool will have a motor-operated retractable roof, that will be operable at the push of a button. Opening and closing the roof each take around four minutes. In addition, the walls of the pool will be retractable. The wall sections each consist of three parts, the top one of which is fixed and the bottom two of which can move up and down.

Ultimately, the retractable roof and walls provide the potential to allow more sunshine, daylight and fresh air into the building. When they are shut, an indoor climate control system will be employed to regulate temperature, as is the case in regular indoor pools.

The new pool at Eiland van Maurik is due to open early next year, once construction has been completed. Bright Buildings’ workers will start with the structure of the building, after which the prefabricated roof elements will be installed. The wall sections are also partly prefabricated, but must be finished and glazed once installed. As a result of the frame structure and prefabrication, construction is expected to be a relatively quick process.

Wilsons retailcentre-Saskatoon-Canada

Grimbergen Group spreads wings to Canada for the construction of an impressive retail centre

The brothers Colin and Steve Wilson, retail entrepreneurs in the Canadian town of Saskatoon, have chosen the British HPW Architects and the Dutch Grimbergen Group to build an impressive new retail centre for them. Their new retail centre will be twice as large as their present shop, with an area of no less than 12 ,000 m2.

It will form part of a large new retail and leisure centre incorporating various other shops, a restaurant and a gym. The Wilson brothers wanted to be certain of working with the very best specialists in retail design, and that brought them to a combination of the British architectural firm HPW and the Dutch specialist Thermoflor (Bright Buildings’ sister company). They have for quite some time already been working together in the British market, where they have created various attractive shops. 

Smart combination with entertainment activities

The new retail centre will be built 200 metres from the present shop, which will remain in business until the new premises are opened. Thermoflor will start work at the site in August, so that all the operations will be completed before the local severe winter, which begins in December. A smart combination with entertainment activities ensures that the building can be used all the year round. Part of the sales area for plants is emptied for a few months a year to allow it to be used as an indoor go-kart circuit.


Food industry aims for more transparency

Paul Polman (CEO at Unilever) and Bas van den Berg (chairman of the FNLI, the Dutch Food Industry Federation, and COO at Royal FrieslandCampina) recently presented a report to prime minister Mark Rutte. According to this report, which was drawn up by the consultancy Roland Berger at the request of the FNLI, the majority of the Dutch people do not always trust the food industry.

The report states that only 25% of the Dutch consumers are of the opinion that the food industry is transparent about the origins of food.

The FNLI encourages food producers to actively enter into a dialogue with the public and to open their doors to interested visitors more often. Faith in the food industry must be restored, and transparency is the keyword in this respect.

Besides the report, prime minister Rutte was also presented a scale model of a ‘plexiglass factory’ symbolising the path towards more openness and transparency in the Dutch food industry.

Click here for the entire Motivaction survey. And click here for the article on the report presented to the prime minister.


Garden centre Wolters opened its new premises

Shortly before Easter garden centre Wolters in Overdinkel opened the doors of its new restaurant and home-furnishing shop. Bright Buildings created an appealing design based on an attractive wooden structure supporting insulated curved roofs, a patio and an enclosed outdoor garden. All the work on the new build with an area of 3,700 m² was completed within five months, enabling the entrepreneurs to benefit fully from the busy spring season. 

Wolters is one of the largest independent garden centres in the east of the Netherlands. Established in 1947 as Bloemenhuis Wolters specialising in the sale of flowers and plants, garden centre Wolters now stocks all kinds of products for embellishing homes and gardens.

With a complete range of attractive articles presented in an area of 25,000 m2 it focuses on the whole of the surrounding Twente region and the adjacent parts of Germany.


Dairy Campus Open Days

On Thursday 26, Friday 27 and Saturday 28 May 2016 the Dairy Campus in Leeuwarden will once again be opening its doors to visitors. A festive, inspiring three-day event focusing on the future of the dairy chain under the motto ‘Dairy is the future’. The campus will be accessible free of charge on these days from 9.30 a.m. until 3.30 p.m.

The innovation centre for the dairy industry in the Netherlands is a unique combination of facilities for education, research and innovation. The many options for group visits offer all players in the dairy industry a meeting point.

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