Installation retractable roof Eiland van Maurik 1

Transparent retractable roof installed at swimming pool holiday park Eiland van Maurik

Bright Buildings will soon be completing a unique swimming pool facility in the Dutch Betuwe holiday region, ready for the new summer season. Besides the wall, half of the transparent roof of the new swimming pool at the Eiland van Maurik holiday park can slide open, causing the boundary between indoors and outdoors to blur. 

The swimming pool is now under construction. The installation of the transparent retractable roof is almost done. The panels of the gable roof can slide downwards on either side of the ridge and then cover the panels at the gutter. The structure at the Eiland van Maurik is being built partly over an existing children’s water park. The swimming pool next to it is new. Bright Buildings is covering it with a large transparent gable roof. The trusses are made of steel profiles, the wall is of glass and the roof of polycarbonate. The sliding parts can be automatically controlled on the basis of the outdoor conditions, but the swimming pool managers can of course also control them themselves. It will take them only five minutes to open or close the roof.

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 “None of the existing systems met our requirements”

The engineers of Bright Buildings in the Dutch town of Heerlen developed a completely new sliding mechanism in-house. Managing-director Gertjan Grimbergen says that his firm, whose roots lie in greenhouse construction, is ever more often being asked to install sliding walls and roofs. “Sliding elements allow more diverse use of facilities. The boundary between indoors and outdoors is steadily blurring, especially in our specialisation – the light structures that we build for retail and leisure facilities.”